Human time is fair to all.

What is TimeStope coin?


Time Stope was developed by a team from Seoul National University and is an application that can earn money with time.


Any early participants could easily acquire bitcoin, and as more and more has to participants later became, the later participants became more difficult to acquire bitcoin. Because of this reason, the unfair way of distributing assets has raised the question of where the seigniorage authority of the assets is.
Now, shifting to the discourse, how to make an essence of money to the fair system, and must thought for the all mankind of the survival and prosperity. New games is starting, and the blockchain currency system await new discourse.





1. Download the application.



플레이 복사.png

앱스토어-1 복사.png


 - Download and install 'TimeStope' from Google Play Store.

 -  The Apple App Store will be released later.



2. Join membership





- Signing up for Timestope coin is easy and simple.

- It is recommended that the information be the same as indicated on the passport.

- Witness code is mandatory to sign up.


- If there is no code to enter, please enter the code below.

   Witness code:: youtime   





[Learn more about how to sign up]