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Detailed information on signing up for Star network.


▶ Referral code is a must.

 - Mobile devices and referral codes are essential for star network mining.

 - Start the star network that will become the world's largest one-stop distributed financial platform!


  Referral Code : starnetwotk   


▶ Click the mining button once a day.

  -  StarCoin, which is automatically mined 24 hours a day, starts mining by pressing the rocket button once every 24 hours.

  - Pressing the rocket button activates the profit-generating session for 24 hours. There is no battery consumption at all.



1. Install the Star app

 - Search and install 'Star Network' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



앱스토어-1 복사.png

플레이 복사.png


2. Membership registration.




① You can sign up through Facebook or Google accounts or through email authentication by clicking Sign Up for Membership at the bottom.
Here, we will guide you on how to sign up through [Sign up].

Star network subscription requires a referral code.
Referral Code : starnetwotk





③ Specify your email address and password.
After registration, an authentication email will be sent to you by e-mail, so please enter the exact address.

④ Enter your name in [Display Name] at the top.
[User Name] The one at the bottom is your referral code.




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