Mining that everyone can easily start

Detailed information on signing up for Pi Coin.


▶ Invitation code is a must.

 - Invitation codes are essential for Pi coin mining.

 - Code input is essential because it not only provides additional Pi coin but also improves mining by 25%.


   Invitation code : liselia   


▶ Click the mining button once a day.

  - ou can start mining Pi coins everyday.

  - Just click thr lighting in the right hand side every 24hours and you will be accumulating Pi coins to make some passive income.



1. Install the Pi app.

 - Search and install 'Pi Network' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



앱스토어-1 복사.png

플레이 복사.png


2. Membership registration.




① Choose between Facebook and mobile phone numbers to sign up.

② Set a password including large, lowercase, and numbers.





③ Enter the invitation code (liselia).

④ Mining is done by clicking the right lightning icon every day.




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