Mining 24 hours a day on mobile

What is Bee coin?


It is called the second Pi coin and aims to establish an ecosystem of service exchange in real life.


Bee Network is a new innovative blockchain technology that allows users to mine the virtual currency Bee with their mobile phones. 


By acting as a Pioneer, Ambassador and Verifier, Be Network Player can be rewarded with Bee. 


In order to increase Bee's value, Bee Network is specially designed as a network of sincere people who create players to exchange goods and services in real life with their Bees and to list Bees on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 


Eventually, these activities will make Bee exchangeable for nominal currency.




1. Download the application.



플레이 복사.png

앱스토어-1 복사.png


 - Download and install 'Bee Network' from Google Play Store or App Store.



2. Join membership





- Signing up for bee coin is easy and simple.

- It is recommended that the information be the same as indicated on the passport.

- Invitation code is mandatory to sign up.


- If there is no code to enter, please enter the code below.

   code:: beecoincom   




[Learn more about how to sign up]